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Fern Lodge Children’s Home, Leiston

Fern Lodge is a 4 bed children’s home, the large and spacious house is situated on the Heritage coast in Suffolk and provides a high quality environment.

The high staff ratio and regular expert clinical input ensure that the appropriate level of care, supervision and support is in place.

Mission Statement

“Helping children thrive and develop in a safe, nurturing and secure based family style environment, giving them confidence to move on with their lives.”

Making Lives BETTER

Fern Lodge Children’s Home, Leiston

The Home Environment

The physical layout of the home, means that there will be separate space for each young person to spend free time, without impacting on one another.

The home is also designed to allow for the placement of children with DOLS orders, should all other matching criteria be met.

The high staff ratio means that young people can be supervised and engaged with by their own individual staff member and will therefore be able to operate independently from other young people should this be required. They will also be able to be integrated into the group, should this be assessed as the appropriate option.

Therapeutic Services

Fern Lodge is a specialist therapeutic children’s home and is able to offer specialist services in 1-1 emergency crisis placements and clinical assessments that our larger home (Liberty Lodge) cannot take.

We work under the guidance of our Clinical team. This is headed up by our experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist (Dr Kate Sillifant).

Dr Sillifant provides training, clinical supervision and consultation to the staff monthly. This supports the Secure Base Model and allows the young people’s Placement Plans to be thought about within a therapeutic context.

Dr Sillifant…

Fern Lodge operates with an automatically high staff ratio of at least 1-1 staffing and also undertakes a full 28 day clinical assessment for all young people placed, informed by multi agency clinical consultation.

This assessment is led by Dr Sillifant and will make recommendations in regards to the best type of care and placement that is required longer term for the young person.

Fern Lodge can undertake full psychological and psychiatric assessments for young people if required.

Education Services

Fern Lodge considers education a pivotal part of each child’s life.

During the initial 28 day assessment period, base line assessments and individualised education programmes will be in place, as agreed during the placement planning process.

Should placements continue beyond the 28 day period, then further longer term educational provision will be sourced and identified through the care planning review process.


Home Location

Within a short distance from the home there are many leisure facilities such as swimming pools, leisure centres, skate parks, cinema, horse riding, youth clubs, dance classes, sailing schools & drama groups that the children can join or use if they wish.

There are also all of the usual shopping facilities associated with a town. The nearest large towns are Ipswich or Lowestoft.

Latest Reports & Statement of Purpose

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Able Health Care considers it in the best interests and safety of the children and young people across their settings to not publish our SOP publicly and therefore these will be available by direct request.

If you would like to submit your interest in referral opportunities with Able Health Care, please contact us and one of our trained staff will contact you at their earliest opportunity.